US Elections 101: The Mail-In Vote Explained

Absentee voting by mail is not new. What’s new is the global pandemic. There was a trend toward..

A Biden White House: Potential Policy Impact on the Oil & Gas Industry

If Joe Biden were to win the US presidential election, his administration is expected to take..

US Elections 101: The Electoral College Explained

2020 has not been an ordinary year. There has been a lot of uncertainty about the outcome of the..

What a Biden Victory Could Mean for Investors: Global Fixed Income Team Views

Elections have consequences, as former US President Barack Obama once said, and the election of..

Can Healthcare Companies Withstand a Blue Wave?

Democrats could sweep the November elections according to many independent polls and political..

US Midterm Elections: The Base Case Scenario and Its Implications

The national midterm elections are tomorrow. As of this morning, Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight..



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