Global GDP Themes and Forecasts

US rates grinded higher at the beginning of 2024 as the economy continued to prove resilient. S..

Credit Compass: Mapping the Markets in 2024

By Loomis Sayles Research January 29, 2024

Markets appear to be priced for a soft landing in the United States, but plenty of economic and..

Macro Outlook: Rates and Profits Critical to the Path Forward

Editor’s Note: Every year, Loomis Sayles features sector outlooks across the fixed income market...

Global GDP Themes and Forecasts

We are past peak inflation in major economies like the US and Europe, but questions remain..

Global GDP Themes and Forecasts (Infographic)

Peak inflation appears to be in the past for major economies like the US and Europe, but..

Surprises from the First Half of 2023: In Private Credit, Steady Issuance Despite Challenging Conditions

Despite the run-up in interest rates and broader market uncertainty, the private fixed income..



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