Tracing Treasury Liquidity Lower: Once the Ball Starts Rolling, It’s Hard To Stop

It’s been—to put it mildly—an interesting week in the US Treasury market. The front end of the..

Chart of the Week: World Trade Volumes Have Collapsed

The global pandemic has devastated global trade. It appears that some of the drop in trade is..

Are China's Pork Pains Inflated?

In China, pork prices are up 70% (!) year over year. A swine fever outbreak has crippled the pork..

Inching Toward a Deal: What's Next in the US-China Trade Negotiations

The United States and China surprised me with their announcement of a small “phase one” trade deal..

Friday Fact: US-China Trade Data Measures the Damage

The fact that US trade with China has declined shouldn’t be a surprise. But how bad is the damage?

Border Tax:  Should We Anticipate a Backdoor Gasoline Tax?

How might the new administration make good on its promise of a lower corporate tax rate? The House..



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