EM Equities Outlook: Opportunity Amid Structural Shifts and New Dynamics

1. Artificial intelligence (AI) was one of the most remarkable investment themes in equity markets..

Credit Compass: Mapping the Markets in 2024

By Loomis Sayles Research January 29, 2024

Markets appear to be priced for a soft landing in the United States, but plenty of economic and..

IG Credit Outlook: Potential for a Technical Tailwind

1. What’s your overall view of the investment grade (IG) credit market?

We believe IG corporate..

Euro Credit Outlook: Cautious on Weakening Fundamentals

1. What’s your view of the fundamentals and valuations in euro investment grade (IG) credit?


EM Debt Outlook: Growth Drivers Persist

1. Last year, you felt EM inflation had peaked. Today, inflation has drifted lower in line with..



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