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Will an ECB Cut be the Catalyst That Moves Currency Markets?

By Loomis Sayles Research June 4, 2024

The European Central Bank has signaled that it will cut interest rates at its meeting this week,..

Credit Compass: Mapping the Markets in 2024

By Loomis Sayles Research January 29, 2024

Markets appear to be priced for a soft landing in the United States, but plenty of economic and..

Reading the Housing Sector: The Good, the Bad and the Surprising

By Loomis Sayles Research July 18, 2022

Escalating inflation and tighter monetary policy appear to have shaken investors’ confidence in the..

What’s Behind the Recent Rise in Real Yields?

By Loomis Sayles Research March 8, 2021

Rising yields and a steeper yield curve are par for the course as an economy enters the recovery..



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