2021 Outlook: Three Questions for the Municipal Sector Team

1. Many state and local governments have been under pressure due to the pandemic. What’s your..

2021 Outlook: Three Questions for the Investment Grade Sector Team

1. US investment grade spreads have returned to pre-pandemic levels. What are your expectations for..

2021 Outlook: Three Questions on Bank Loans

1. Loans are often overlooked when investors are hunting for yield. Why is that, and how do loan..

2021 Outlook: Three Questions for the Global Credit Sector Team

1. Net leverage in the euro investment grade (IG) credit market reached all-time highs in 2020...

2021 Outlook: Three Questions for the Emerging Markets Debt Sector Team

1. Emerging markets (EM) corporate spreads have almost recovered to year-end 2019 levels, as strong..



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