Trump’s Tax Proposal: The Opening Move in a Poker Game

Corporate tax highlights:

  • Cut the corporate income tax rate from its current 35% to 15%.
  • Apply the revised 15% corporate tax rate to "pass-through" entities, which include most partnerships and limited liability companies (small businesses)
  • Levy a one-time tax on the approximate $2.6 trillion in earnings that US corporations hold offshore—though the rate at which those assets would be taxed is unclear.  
  • Interestingly, the infamous and controversial border-adjustment tax is not included in this proposal. Without White House support, it doesn't matter if House Republicans like it—it’s gone.

Individual tax highlights:

  • Cut the current seven personal income tax rates to three: 10%, 25% and 35%. The top rate is currently 39.6%.
  • Double the standard deduction, which would essentially eliminate taxes on the first $24,000 of a couple's income.
  • Repeal the alternative minimum tax, estate and gift taxes, and state and local tax deductions.
  • Repeal all personal deductions except for charity and mortgage interest.

My views:

  • At face value, this tax plan would explode the deficit.
  • I think the large proposed cut in the tax rate on small business income is President Trump acknowledging that he owes these businesses something for their support during the election.
  • I very much doubt we will get the business tax rate pushed down to 15%. But I could see a 25% rate, which would still be a  significant tax cut.
  • If the current plan passes "as-is," I would expect a significant surge in growth and would raise my current projections for GDP and inflation. The Federal Reserve would also be likely to tighten more aggressively.
  • Think of this as the opening move in a poker game. It’s unlikely that any of these proposals will come to fruition in their current form. I expect a tax deal to be passed, but I think the final version will be much more affordable than what’s currently proposed.
Tax Proposal Poker Game.png 


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