2017 Market Outlook: 15 Experts On What To Watch

Posted by Orla O'Brien, Media Specialist on Jan 3, 2017 8:30:00 AM

 Every six months, we share insights from Loomis Sayles portfolio managers and analysts; what are the current themes and risks shaping their investment decisions? Looking into 2017, geopolitical shifts, rising rates, regulatory changes and new proposed policies from President-elect Trump will all be key factors. 

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Topics: Quantitative Research and Risk Analysis, Credit Research, Macro Strategies, Sovereign Research, Equity Research, Bank Loans, Emerging Markets, Fixed Income

BB-Rated Bank Loans Can Make It Better: Reducing Volatility, Drawdown Risk

Posted by Cheryl P. Stober, Product Manager on Oct 6, 2016 9:08:55 AM

Our bank loan team has long believed that BB-rated bank loans can be very attractive to asset allocators who wish to reduce volatility, improve risk/return trade-offs, and ameliorate drawdown in high risk categories such as high yield and equities. One of the main benefits of investing in higher-rated loans is a historically higher return per unit of risk, which many investors are seeking.

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2016 Mid-Year Investment Outlook: 12 Experts on What to Watch

Posted by Orla O'Brien, Media Specialist on Jul 8, 2016 11:00:00 AM

We spoke with 12 Loomis Sayles investment experts about the most pressing issues and provocative investment themes for the remainder of 2016. What are they watching? Read on for their insights:

Brexit's impact on Central & Eastern Europe

“Brexit uncertainty is expected to hit EU confidence and growth – with spillover into Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). CEE is vulnerable from Brexit on several fronts:

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Topics: Credit Research, Macro Strategies, Sovereign Research, Equity Research, Bank Loans, Securitized Research, Emerging Markets, Fixed Income

What Happens to High Yield, Happens to Bank Loans—Only Less

Posted by Cheryl P. Stober, Product Manager on Jun 1, 2016 3:20:06 PM

One of the phrases our bank loan team loves to use is “whatever happens in the high yield market, happens in the bank loan market, only less.”

Why is this statement typically true? Because many of the companies that issue bank loans also issue high yield bonds. A typical corporate capital structure has about 40% floating rate bank debt, 40% fixed high yield bonds, and 20% equity. So when investor sentiment is dominating market action, it makes sense that both the bank loan and high yield markets would be affected in a similar  way. However, since bank loans are senior in the capital structure and secured by the assets of the company, movements caused by negative market sentiment actually hurt the bank loan market less. These bank loan traits tend to help protect investors from outsize market movements.

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Topics: Bank Loans

Loomis Sayles analysts are career professionals who offer deep knowledge and experience in a diversity of global asset classes and market sectors. These dedicated experts provide the insight essential to supporting our portfolio management teams across a wide range of investment strategies.


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